Infant skin Vs Adult skin

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So….dear folks how many times have you wondered or probably even felt jealous of those cutie pie babies’ super soft and dewy skin?!

Do you know what happens to our skin when as we age?

Here you go with our analogy of baby skin vs adult skin.

In the full term newborns, the process of structural and functional skin maturation begins immediately after birth. Skin growth in infants is higher when compared to adults and is characterized by a higher ability to restore itself as a barrier. Infant skin has a higher rate of absorption and desorption compared with adults, as we age our skin slowly loses the ability to retain high level of water.

The human body does not consider the skin, a vital organ like the heart, lungs and brain.  So when the body is lacking hydration, skin is the first to exhibit symptoms. Skin changes are related to environmental factors, genetic makeup, nutrition and sun exposure. Aging skin repairs itself more slowly than Young skin. It is extremely important to stay hydrated because it will keep your skin looking younger and more supple.

Next thing important for skin is sleep. Getting the right amount of sleep is the most important step in your battle against ageing. Only during sleep, a very meticulous healing process takes place in your body. While sleeping new and fresh skin cells relaxes the old and dead skin. Collagen production is at its peak during sleep, your facial muscles also relax allowing the dermal layer of the skin to rejuvenate which smoothens your wrinkles and diminishes the fine lines.


Since most skin changes are related to sun exposure, prevention is a life long process.

  • Use a good quality sunscreen when outdoor, even in the winter.
  • Keep the skin moist with lotions and good moisturizers.
  • Always stay hydrated inside out no matter what the weather condition is.

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