Origin of Soap

The first soap like substance found in clay cylinders during the excavation of ancient Babylon proves that soap making has been prevalent as early as 2800 B.C. They prepared soap by boiling fats with ashes. The soap was named after Mount Sapo, an ancient site where the rain would wash animal fat & wood ash and gets collected to the banks of the Tiber River. Women washing clothes noticed that clothes were much cleaner in certain parts of the river. This is how the first soap that came into existence.

Hence it was found that soaps were made by mixing fat and oil with an alkali (salt). Firstly, Soaps weren’t used for bathing and personal hygiene, they were used in wool and textile industry and also for medicinal purposes. There was monopoly on soap production in many areas as it was very expensive. In the mid nineteenth century as science advanced, toilet soap became a separate commodity from laundry.

Today different soaps are available for personal, commercial and industrial use. Nowadays we also have so many choices of fragrances.

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