There has been a very big confusion around this always.  Do Shampoos always need to produce a lot of lather?

Only those shampoos that produce lather are good shampoos?

Does Organic Shampoo means  the ones which produce less lather?

Those that produce less lather are bad shampoos?

Read up to know more!

Let’s first understand what lathers are actually.

Lathers are nothing but air bubbles formed around the liquid. When you add water and add the diluted shampoo on the scalp, these bubbles are formed. In other words we are actually mixing air into the diluted shampoo causing it to lather. The surfactants in the shampoo help it to lather. 

A shampoo actually lathers because it has got surfactants or surface active agents which are otherwise not good to the scalp. 

That’s where a sulphate free shampoo comes into play. 

What is a Sulphate Free Shampoo??

An ordinary shampoo usually contains Sodium Lauryl Sulphate or Ammonium Lauryl Sulphate. 

Whereas a Sulphate free shampoo is free of these. 

For a normal healthy hair these sulphates don’t create much of an issue whereas for a person with bad or brittle hair, especially in an era where pollution is of huge concern, it is important to go chemical free atleast wherever possible!

In case you experience some irritation or dryness in hair after wash, you can definitely blame it on these sulphates. 

So, it’s naturally important for us to choose wisely.

Go Toxic free! Go Chemical Free!! Go Sulphates Free!!!

Common Problem people face while using a Sulphate Free Shampoo is that, these organic Sulphate shampoos don’t actually lather like your old shampoos. We are so tuned that 

High Lather= Clean and Beautiful Hair

But that’s actually not the case!

These Sulphate Free Shampoos might not lather much but they are definitely doing their job (cleaning); infact doing it Right!!

Let’s talk about how to use a Sulphate Free Shampoo

  1. Wet hair thoroughly
  2. Apply the usual amount of shampoo. Just because it doesn’t lather much, doesn’t mean that it’s not cleanising ur hair. If u feel it’s not lathering much, just add more water. As simple as that! 
  3. Use less Shampoo and more water actually. 
  4. Rinse thoroughly finally. 

We are sure you don’t want to add insult to ur injury! 


Go Toxic Free! Go Sulphate Free & Paraben Free!!

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